Are you going away for Labor Day weekend? Maybe you're using the vacation weekend to get away from the city, or just spending some time with your loved ones. Don't forget to take your digital camera and capture lots of pictures of family and friends so you can have fun with photo retouching software when you return.

Use Portrait Professional for retouching all your favorite portraits this weekend. If you take some really good photographs of family and friends why not enhance them further and keep your precious memories for your scrap book.

If you're not going away this weekend, why not use the time off to experiment with some old pictures, and learn about your portrait editing software. You can learn some new tricks and enjoy revisiting old memories.

Maybe all the family can get together and see who can get the best effects. Take a trip out to the park or just in your back yard with your digital camera. Enjoy the last days of summer and get the best lighting effects that you can before summer is over. Early morning or evening is the best time to get some atmospheric lighting in your images. In the early fall, when the leaves are beginning to change color, but the sun is still quite high in the sky, you will get some great portrait photographs.

When you get home you can upload all your pictures into Portrait Professional and experiment with lighting changes, either enhancing the contrast or relighting them as you like. See the great effects that you can get with your photo editing software.

And if you miss out on the sunshine this weekend, and you don't find time to top up your tan, then enhance it with your photo retouching software, using the skin sliders for tint and temperature.

If you haven't already got Portrait Professional, then download your trial of free photo editing software now from here.