Photography is a powerful art form. Photographs with a human figure can be some of the most moving and evocative that there are. Photographs can tell a story on their own, and if the story is a tragic one, we feel a sense of compassion for the subject.

When we see images of people in trouble, we may feel moved to help them or are simply disturbed by what we see. We’re more moved by people than places, because we relate to how the person in the photograph might be feeling in response to their surroundings.

The earliest photographs are now being widely distributed, because with technology, we’re now able to scan them and archive them digitally, as well as share them on social media. With photography software, we can often retouch them, and improve on the details that have been lost to deterioration over time. Photographers have attempted to capture everything they could, from the first war photography of the Crimean War in the 1850’s, right up to the current conflicts around the world. Photographers are putting themselves in dangerous places, to bring us the horror and the tragedy of the conflicts going on in the world.

Today, photography equipment is very portable, and almost everyone has a camera on their smartphone. Capturing images on the street, has never been easier, as we go about our normal lives, and perhaps forgetting what else may be happening in the world, but we like to share our images with the world via social media immediately.

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