Halloween, harvest festivals, and hay rides, autumn is all about fun and frolics; but don’t forget your spooky portraits to make your Halloween scrapbook pictures even more exciting. PortraitPro can help you get some great images for your scrapbook.

The positioning of the light source, and the type of light makes all the difference to the style of a portrait, and PortraitPro 12 has the unique portrait editing feature of being able to relight portraits after the event.

Within the photo editing software, you can use the tools to move the light source around your subject, in any angle you like.

Using the fill lighting softens shadows and smoothes skin naturally. The modelling light sculpts the face creating a more dramatic look.

We talked about how you can get a Hollywood glamour look by adjusting the shadows, but also, to create a spooky portrait, you can use the lighting tools in PortraitPro 12 to create an effect that will make your subject look dramatic and Halloween worthy.

There’s a reason why ghost stories are told with the reader holding a torch under their chin, and it’s because this angle creates the most dramatic look, and it’s slightly unsettling. This is useful for creative portraits for your Halloween scrapbook photos; though probably not something you’d usually want to do for your studio clients!

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