Halloween is great fun for kids (and adults) to dress up. You can use photography editing software to enhance the look.

Take a photo of your little monsters in their Halloween costumes, and then use Portrait Professional to enhance the look for your scrap book. Why not try adding these effects and see how much scarier they are!

  • Try out bright red eyes for a vampire and bright green for a witch.
  • Experiment with the skin coloring controls to give your own little vampire flawless skin. Take it beyond what you might normally do, and over expose the skin for an unearthly white look.
  • Intensify the color of the lips, and make the cheek bones stand out.
  • Reduce the red, and turn hair grey for a witchy effect without a wig.

Or try out even more effects in Anthropics’ other photo editing software, Smart Photo Editor.

Try out all different effects; add vignettes for a really vintage and surreal feel that is out of this world.

Give your photos a torn or old paint peeling effect, add borders, shapes and relight the whole image.

You can be really creative and inventive with your images for your scrap book, and why not use a picture from last year for your invitations for this year’s Halloween party or greetings card?

Alternatively, your portrait editing software can also make you look really good and not at all like you’ve just been through a horror movie!

Try out both of Anthropics’ photography editing software here:

Portrait Professional and Smart Photo Editor.