Have you always wanted to dye your hair a different shade but never had the confidence to experiment? With portrait editing software like Portrait Professional, you can now find out, and it doesn’t have to hurt.

You can experiment with portrait innovations and try out a more vibrant shade by using photo editing software to enhance the color of your hair. Maybe you are a very dark blond but you’ve always wanted a much brighter shade. Try using Portrait Professional to see how you would look without any of the dangers of being stuck with the results if they go wrong. You can simply undo it on the photograph, and no one else will ever know.

You will have none of the embarrassment if you dyed it the wrong shade and your hair turned pink instead.

With photo retouching software, there is no danger of your hair turning accidently pink. You can however, experiment with the recent trend for young people to have their hair dyed gray!

If you like the results it might give you the confidence to actually carry out some experimenting in real life.