This weekend it’s Grandparents day, so why not celebrate with appropriate activities and teach the grandkids about photography? It’s an ideal time to pass on some of your knowledge and passion for photography. It’s a hobby that can last a lifetime, and could even provide a job and a career.

Celebrate this Grandparents Day with a trip out, and take some great portrait photographs with all the family. If the weather’s too bad for a trip out, then take some time to go back through your summer pictures and do some photo editing.

PortraitPro photo editing software is so easy to use, that all the family can learn to use it. Its intuitive interface means that anyone can quickly and easily learn to use the software. There’s a great sense of achievement when you can see a batch of photographs neatly organized in folders, and everyone in them looking their best.

Perhaps you’ve got a few family portrait photos on your wall, so maybe it’s time to get some new ones printed? If you do your portrait editing with PortraitPro, you will make sure that everyone looks good in your photos. From removing teen blemishes, to smoothing a few wrinkles, PortraitPro has the tools to enhance any portrait.

If you’re teaching the kids about photography, why not remind them of the ‘rules of photography’ and check out our blog posts about Rule of Thirds, Leading lines, or giving your subject space to look into.

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