Starting out with a new discipline of photography can be tough; you might be used to shooting portraits in a studio, but what about a new challenge?

First of all, at big venues you might not be allowed to take your own pictures. But if you try going to smaller venues, to bands playing in bars and pubs, and introducing yourself, they might be very happy to let you practice your skills, in return for copies of the images for their promotional material. If you are both just starting out in this area, it could turn out to be mutually beneficial. They get professional standard images, and you get the practice, images to use in your portfolio, plus you might find a paid job.

You might not like the idea of working for free, but there are often opportunities for selling your images of bands and concerts. Local newspapers may not have the time to send a photographer to the event. Enhance the pictures you take using photography editing software Portrait Professional, and the band will love your images.

Gigs can be tricky due to the low lighting. Using flash photography is probably out, plus it's distracting to the band, so you probably want to use a higher ISO, and make sure you stay as still as possible. It's sometimes hard to stay still when the rest of the audience are jumping around, but setting yourself up with a tripod, should let people know that you are the pro, or at least authorized to be there. Often the band will have special lighting, so the colors will give you some good effects.

When you show off your images, you will be glad you used Portrait Professional. Don't just focus on the band; sometimes you can get great candid shots of the audience.

Practice with your composition, isolate just one member of the band, and focus on them. When you get a really good close up, you can enhance your image in your portrait editing software. If you don't already have Portrait Professional,
try it out for free today.