Its summer time, school’s out, and it’s the time when you might be getting ready to leave on that big trip. When you take a gap year, whether it’s straight from school, or college, you will want to know that you made the most of your break.

Perhaps one of the things you want to learn is some photography skills, or photo editing skills.

PortraitPro photo editing software is affordable and accessible. Best of all, it takes up no weight in your luggage. It’s an online download, you never need to carry a CD, and wherever you are, with an internet connection, you can reinstall if you need to. Just contact the customer support team here.

You may be a little beyond the university gap year, and still decide to take a career break, to take some time out, and switch careers. It may be the only time in your life where you take a break from your career, or studying. So you want to make sure that you take lots of photos, and keep a record of what you did, and all the skills that you learned.

PortraitPro makes portrait editing easy, your new friends you meet along the way will thank you for being able to present them in their best light.

Learning photography skills is something that you will always be able to do, once you learn the rules, you won’t forget how to take a good picture. As Kendra told us, Learn the rules, so you know how to break them”. Taking a year out or even just having a summer away from home can teach you so many skills for life.

When you come home, you’ll have learned so much about photography, and you’ll have thousands of photos to show from your adventures. It’s important to record your memories of your adventure, so that you can continue to learn from your experiences. Looking back is a great way to remember what you learned.

Keeping a blog is another great way to record your trip, and to keep your photos together with your experiences. When you’re posting photos online of your trip, you definitely need to make sure that the people in your photos look their best.

If you’re planning your big trip for next year, why not make a start on learning about photo editing, with PortraitPro and Smart Photo Editor

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