One way to improve your portrait photographs is to make sure that you are always using the most flattering poses for your subjects. Another way to improve your portraits is to use photo retouching software.

The first thing you should think about when posing a portrait is whether the subject has a double chin. If the subject poses with their head tilted slightly upwards, projecting the chin forward, then any double chin is immediately reduced.

Portrait Professional can help because it has face sculpting tools which allow you to slim the face and greatly reduce a double chin. Place the outlines along the edge of the face and see how the portrait editing software will slim the face and reduce the double chin again.

If you ask your model to lean slightly forward in their poses, they will look more interested and engaged with the camera. Another way to make your subjects seem engaged with the camera is to highlight the natural sparkle in their eyes.

Your favorite photography software has sliders to whiten the whites of the eyes, and to brighten the iris, and even to change the color of the eyes. You can use the sliders to adjust these as much or as little as you like. These bring out the natural shine in the eyes and make your portraits look even better.

It’s important to get your subjects to sit up or stand up straight in portraits. This will make sure that your subjects look much slimmer than if they were slouched over, and when you use your photography software to slim the face, your portrait editing will look natural.

Don’t allow hair or accessories to trail in the face. This distracts the viewer from the portrait and looks untidy. Your favorite photo editing software has hair tidying controls which can smooth and tidy the hair, as well as a touch up brush which can also be used to eliminate small stray hairs.

Try it out for free today and see how your portraits can be enhanced.