Portrait Professional can quickly and easily generate a professional enhanced photo image.

Traditional photo retouching software can be time consuming and difficult to learn, which is why many professional photographers may dislike the process of airbrushing their work. It may mean a long time spent on intricate work for very little difference made to the subject.

Portrait Professional Studio, the superior edition of the Portrait Professional software family, works with Photoshop, so if you do normally edit your images in Photoshop, you can still do so. You can either carry out your initial edits in Photoshop and then save the image and continue editing the faces in Portrait Professional Studio as a standalone, or Portrait Professional Studio can be incorporated as a plug-in to Photoshop.

Portrait Professional has been designed specifically for use with photographs of people and has been trained in human beauty.

The step by step instructions on screen mean that it is easy to use for even the most nervous of computer users to get to grips with photo editing software.

By following the instructions and telling the portrait software where the main facial features are, the user then has complete control over how the software enhances the image, and how much photo retouching is needed.

The intelligent retouching software uses its training in human beauty to enhance the image and can be left to make its own changes. However, you can use the sliders to adjust any of the settings, and give a more enhanced look, or a more natural look, as you choose.

Have fun exploring all the features; using the sliders, you may be surprised how just a little photo retouching can make all the difference to your favourite photos.

If you want a more dramatically different look, this can also be achieved very easily. You can enhance a tan, remove all blemishes and skin flaws; brighten the eyes; whiten the teeth; change the color of the eyes and hair. There are so many different things you can do with this professional photo editing software.

This is all easily achieved with a few clicks, and if there is anything you don't like, you can simply undo it.

You can try out these features and see how simple it is to use by downloading a free trial version of the portrait retouching software.