Finding that perfect gift for Father’s Day can be really tough, but there are some great ideas for photo gifts and there are some really creative ideas for making your own cards and presents.

If you’ve got time to take some photos this week, you can make some great Father’s day cards. Get the kids to pose and do something cute for a really memorable image that will make their dad smile.

Photo editing software can make your images great. With Portrait Pro, the people in your pictures will always look their best. Portrait Pro 12 has some great new features for enhancing your portrait photographs.

Smart Photo Editor photo editing software gives you access to hundreds of different creative effects. You can turn a normal photo into something fun or dramatic. In just a few clicks, you can find some stunning effects that will make your images really special.

A great idea for all the family to work on is a family portrait, capturing several generations. If you have photos of older generations, perhaps your grandfather, or his father; then a picture of their great grandchild holding their portrait would be a moving way to remember someone, and keep them in mind this Father’s Day.

Showing several generations in one picture is a great way to see how much family members look like each other. Everyone likes to consider how much a child looks like their parent, no matter how old or young the child! Make sure everyone looks their best with photo editing software.

If you have a family day out this Sunday, don’t forget your digital camera, to capture some great new shots for next year!

We’ve found some great ideas to try out. Check them out on our Pinterest board for some great inspiration.

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