Perhaps your father was the first person who taught you about Photography. Why not show him how far your skills have come since you were younger, and make a greetings card with your photo editing software?

You probably have some good photos from trips you've taken together. Maybe you went camping, climbed a mountain, or went fishing together. If photography is a mutual hobby for you both, then you probably took your cameras along with you. Whether it was some great scenery or pictures of you both together having fun, then you can use photo editing software to enhance your images.

Portrait Professional portrait editing software can enhance any portrait photograph, no matter how old.

If your favorite picture is not a digital photograph, then don't worry; you can still scan the photo into your computer, so that it becomes a digital image, and continue portrait editing with Portrait Professional to enhance your photograph.

If your father is still a photography enthusiast, then perhaps he'd appreciate some photo editing software as a gift. Both Portrait Professional, and Anthropics' other product, Smart Photo Editor, can offer any photography enthusiast hours of entertainment and fun in portrait retouching, and experimenting with effects.

Maybe your dad has more time on his hands now, and perhaps he likes to spend time passing on his love of photography to his grandchildren, just as he did with you. Now you can be sure that all those new photographs will be the best that they can be, as they can all be enhanced and retouched as much as he wants.

Save them for future and print out as many wonderfully retouched images as you want. Portrait Professional will ensure you have some beautiful images to keep for many years to come.

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