We’re excited about Fashion Week this week. In fact we’re so excited about Fashion Week that we recently launched our fashion competition.

Fashion Week is all about the designers showcasing their new collections to the press and the buyers, for the upcoming season. Spring / Summer 2015 is on the runway now.

Fashion depends on photography, because without photography and video, the rest of us would never be able to see the new trends on the runway.

Portrait editing software can help show off the designs and make up to their best angle; by showing the model with clean, clear skin, there’s nothing to distract the viewer from the product. PortraitPro 12 can also now relight the model, so that they are shown in their best light too.

How do you get a start as a photographer in such a highly desirable and competitive industry?

As Kendra Martin told us earlier this year, “all it takes is one yes to get your foot in the door.”

So if you want to get in to the fashion industry, it’s time to get networking, make those calls and see if you can get some work assisting a photographer who specializes in fashion. Photographers can launch a career for a designer, or makeup artist; their work wouldn’t be seen by many without the photographer to take the photos.

Fashion editorial is all about creativity, so as Pedro Aguilar told us, “You find commercial clients are very interested in what you do for your personal work”.

Photo by Pedro Aguilar - http://www.aguilarphoto.net/

Spend some time on your own creative work for your portfolio, and show that you have some inspiring ideas.

If you haven’t already got an invitation, you won’t be able to get into the shows this time, but if you happen to be on the streets around the venues, keep your eyes open for some interesting street fashion photography opportunities.

Catch up with Pedro and Kendra, and their latest work.

Check out our Pinterest boards for some street style fashion photography ideas, and some fashion photography.

Send your entries to our fashion competition, to be in with a chance to win!