In honor of Fashion Week around the world in September, we’ve been running a competition for fashion portraits edited with PortraitPro. We’ve had some great entries to this competition and we’re very excited by the great work that our users are doing with their photography software.

We’re very pleased to announce our winner, Krystal Hills, whose work impressed all the judges. Here is her winning entry, but all of her work impressed the judges, so you can see the rest of it here.

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Krystal Hills

The team who helped Krystal to create her winning image: Model: Elizabeth Larossa, Hair Stylist: Ryan Jesse, MUA: Meachy Harris.

Krystal said: "About the photo, I gave my team a hair and makeup challenge and they jumped completely out of the box with the art they created for our model. For lighting, I used a silver PLM umbrella and an Alien Bees 800 flash unit so that I could capture all of the colors the model wore. The model danced to a variety of music genres throughout the shoot as I captured her simultaneously for this art piece. "

Our Runners Up were also great. They were:

Amanda Iqbal

Amanda Iqbal said: “I am an Artist. I believe that I can Get the Shot, Capture the Beauty, and Find the Soul. With Determination and Time behind the camera I can show the World what I see, and what a Beautiful World it is. Follow me on my Journey and I will join you on yours. Inspiration is everywhere and I’m opening my doors.” Amanda Iqbal is on Facebook here.

Duy Ngo

Duy Ngo said: "Actually I'm a songwriter! One day, I came to a photo shoot for a new album, I found that music and photography are very similar, and I could do both well. And now, after 5 years, photography is really bringing me more income than my music!"

Gabriel Olufemi Olude

Gabriel Olufemi Olude creates unusual and dramatic portraits and also works in street photography. You can see more of his images here or follow him on Facebook.

Jaysukh Madhak

Jaysukh Madhak created his image using only the trial version of the software.

Download your trial today and see how you too can get great results on your fashion portrait photos.

Timothy Ngo

Timothy Ngo said "I have been using PortraitProfessional software for a few years and it is incredible. Thank you very much for creating and bringing the software to the photography world."

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the competition, we had some fantastic entries, and we love seeing all your entries and the creative work that you do.

Still got a taste for Fashion weeks? There’s still more coming up, with Tokyo underway this week, there’s plenty more inspiration for Spring / Summer 2015.

Can’t get to a Fashion week? Try out some Street Photography and share your photos edited with PortraitPro on our Facebook page.

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