An interesting idea for portrait photographers is to spend some time in a client’s home, with their family, taking pictures of their everyday routine. Capturing how the family interacts with each other, the tears and the dramas, the smiles and the laughter can make some really great images.

It’s a fantastic way for a family to capture a moment in all of their lives, and have something to keep forever. Whether it’s a special day, or just a regular day, there’s always a good reason for a family, ‘Day in the Life’ shoot.

You can make sure that they all look their very best with photo editing software. PortraitPro can subtly and gently enhance skin and hair.

Being around a photographer for a full day can be a bit difficult for a family. Knowing that you can give them all smooth, clear skin, and sharp, bright eyes, with specialist portrait retouching software, can take the pressure off a little.

Whether you spend the day photographing in the family home, or take some photos out at the park or the beach, you’re sure to capture some great memories.

With Smart Photo Editor, you can offer them some great creative images too, with special effects such as turning some images into watercolours, oil paintings and many other creative custom effects.


If you are a family considering hiring a photographer for a ‘Day in the Life’ shoot, make sure you hire a photographer that you will be happy to have around, and in your home for an extended period of time. Even just one day can be a long time if you are at all uncomfortable. Make sure you find one who will carry out the photo retouching that you will be happy to keep for a lifetime.

Try out PortraitPro today, and see just how beautiful your portraits can be.