We introduced a brand new feature in PortraitPro 12, which you may have missed.

We’re not talking about the great new relighting features, the fantastic new batch processing mode in Studio Max, or the greatly improved face and feature recognition.

We also introduced the feature to be able to post your results straight to Facebook. After you’ve done all your portrait editing, you can upload your finished image to Facebook.

This new feature makes it incredibly easy to post your edited images to your Facebook page. If you want to show the world your talent in photo editing, you can post the before and after images, or if you just want to post great images of you and your friends, then you can post just the edited image and have great looking Facebook pictures, that all your friends will love.

Just click the Facebook button within PortraitPro 12, and write your description as you’d like it to appear in your Facebook page, and choose how you’d like to post your work, either before and after, or just the edited image, and whether you’d then like to view it in your Facebook page, and it’s all done for you.

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