Portrait editing is easy, even with eyes closed

When shooting portraits for editorial, or fashion purposes, there may be times when there is something obscuring the eyes, or the eyes are closed. Also, when shooting candid photos, whether for personal use, street photography or any other purposes, it’s possible that you may catch a good picture, but the person has their eyes closed.

With PortraitPro 12, this is not a problem. The intelligent, face recognition software will recognize a face and make an assessment of where the eyes should be in relation to the other features.

All you need to do in your favorite photo editing software is to turn off the eye controls if they are closed, and if only one eye is obscured, to switch each slider to zero for all the sliders relating to the eye that is obscured. If you turn off the eye controls because the eyes are closed, then you may wish to edit the skin mask, and have the software enhance the eyelids as skin.


The portrait editing software recognizes the correct positioning of the eye, in order that all the other features are placed in the correct positions. There may be occasions when the software doesn’t recognize the face because too much of it is obscured, and when this happens, then the user can set the facial features points themselves. The edges of the eyes can be selected where they do occur, regardless of whether they are actually obscured, or closed. The photography software is then able to enhance the facial features as usual. This can also be applied to other features, so if you don’t want to enhance the mouth at all, you can simply turn off the controls.

As with the feature controls, if you don’t wish to use the face sculpting tools, these are likewise turned off. If you wish to personalize your presets, you can start with the Reset to Original Image preset, and then you can start from scratch at adding the enhancements you wish to make.

Try out all the features of PortraitPro 12 today by downloading a trial. The trial version is unlimited by time, and will allow you to discover the full potential of portrait editing software for free.