If you've ever thought about trying out colored contact lenses, but think they might be a bit too dramatically different and expensive if you don't like them, try changing your eye color with photo editing software. Portrait Professional allows you to change eye color, for instance, from blue eyes to green, grey, hazel, violet, or pretty much any color that takes your fancy.

You don't need to spend money on lots of different colored contacts; you can simply experiment with different colors in photo retouching software. Then when you find a color that you would be happy with, then you can, if you want, go and purchase your favourite shade.

In the meantime, use professional photo editing software such as Portrait Professional to edit any photos you want, to alter your eye color to your preferred shade, experiment with dramatic and unusual colors, and even turn your eyes a bright vibrant green, maybe to go with a Halloween Witch's costume!

Make your eyes a much brighter shade of their natural color; make your eyes bright and shining. You can enhance the white of the eye and make it brighter too. Dazzling eyes look happy and healthy.

You can try out Portrait Professional retouching software for free at www.PortraitProfessional.com.