There are a whole range of portrait editing services that you can offer as part of a wedding package deal for your clients.

Portrait Professional 11 has features that will make these much easier and great value for you to offer your wedding clients.

You could offer to set up a photo booth style portrait during their cocktail hour, or lull between activities, perhaps when guests might be arriving at the evening reception. Pictures taken during this time could be batch processed and then emailed to the owners.

The automatic face detection will greatly speed up this process, meaning you can get through all the images taken long before the end of the night.

As almost everyone has a smart phone now, then they will be able to view the image, and use it for social media straight away.

Immediacy is the key with social media; people like to tell the world what they are doing, while they are doing it. The sooner you get your image to them, the more chance you have that they will use your image for their social media activity. And it's a great advertising opportunity for you. Particularly at a wedding, everyone wants to take and share their pictures, and they want to be seen at their very best. Use photo retouching software to make sure that the images show the person at the best they can be, and it will be great publicity for you and your studio.

You can offer to carry out portrait retouching on any of the pictures the client wants you to edit. The amount of time you will spend on photo editing is now dramatically reduced. Portrait Professional is so easy to use; you will have plenty of time to do this.

Try it out for free today.