If you work in a studio all day, then you know your best lighting set up and your preferred backgrounds. You know what settings on your camera work best for the situation.

When you decide to take your portraits on location, then you have to deal with many other factors. The sun may be brighter than you expected, and you may not always get your exposures right. Photo editing software can help you make the best of the images you do take, even if they're not as good as you were hoping.

One of the really useful features in Portrait Professional is the picture lighting controls. If your picture has a good exposure already, then the Exposure slider will make very little difference to your overall image. If however, you didn't get the lighting just as you wanted it, then it can greatly improve your image, and bring out detail you hadn't realized was there. It can also reduce shine in over exposed portraits. No-one likes a shiny nose in their portraits, and this can be easily fixed with your portrait editing software.

A lower ISO will create less digital noise, so wherever possible, always use good lighting and lower the ISO in your photographs. As long as you've taken a good quality image and got the shot as well as you possibly can, then your photography software will be able to make some minor adjustments and improve your picture.

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