A common idea in the US, and like many trends, one increasingly finding its way across the Atlantic, is for a couple announcing their engagement to have some professional photographs taken showing their lives together.

If you are a young couple who have just got engaged and are probably just starting to think about a wedding budget, the cost of a professional photographer may be prohibitively expensive.

What may be a more cost effective alternative for you would be to invest in some professional photo editing software such as Portrait Professional, and ask a friend to take some photos for you.

We all know someone who takes really good photographs with no knowledge or training; they just seem to have an eye for an interesting or unusual shot.

Why not ask them as a pre wedding gift to you to take your engagement photographs? As a result your results will be more personal and unusual and then you will be personally in control of all your photo editing.

You can use Portrait Professional to enhance a large number of images very quickly with just a few clicks. You can tweak the results you get and you can also save these changes as a default setting, making it even easier to alter a high volume of images even quicker.

You can choose to keep your images as natural as possible, perhaps using the enhance skin only feature, or you could use the additional settings to add an extra sparkle to your eyes, enhance your tan and give yourselves a glowing radiance. You can use the software to carry out as much photo retouching as you want. You will want to send these photos to all your friends and family, so it is important to you that they are as personal and as good as you would wish them to be.

By carrying out the photo retouching yourself you have complete control over the results, making them as authentic and personal to yourselves as possible.