When you are shooting professional assignments such as editorial or fashion photography, even when your models have dramatic make up, you may still want to use some of the tools of PortraitPro to enhance your photograph.

Your photo editing software can help you when you want to preserve the detail of make up or face painting. You don’t want to smooth the skin in such a way that it destroys the design or pattern. Under the Skin Coloring Controls, and the Skin Smoothing Controls, you can adjust the area detected by the photo software as skin, by using the View/Edit Skin Area button, and either extending or cutting back the areas which will now be highlighted purple.

Make specific adjustments with portrait retouching controls.

The intensity of the mask can be controlled by using the number keys on your keyboard, and you can do this whilst using your mouse or stylus. Under the Skin Smoothing Controls, you can refine your adjustments, by using a range of different sliders, or just the Master Slider. Use the Restore Brush at the top of the screen to restore any detail to make up that you want to keep. The intensity of this can also be adjusted with the number keys.

Hold the Shift Key to toggle between Extend and Cut Back whilst using the View / Edit Skin Area, and also between Touch Up and Restore when using either of these.

Don’t forget that if eyes are closed, as they often are in photos showing dramatic eye make-up, you can turn off all the controls for the eyes. You should also remember that when adjusting the lighting in your photograph, it can make a big difference to the whole face.

With over 200 sliders in PortraitPro to refine every aspect of portrait editing, you can achieve an industry standard of portrait retouching. Try it for free today.