Digital Photo magazine has tested retouching software Portrait Professional and given it a Gold Award and 5/5 Stars in its May 2013 issue.

The portrait editing software was reviewed by the prestigious UK magazine to consider the benefits of an upgrade to the latest version, Portrait Professional 11.

The new features were tested, including the new Hair Recoloring and Skin Smoothing functionality. The reviewer says, the new Hair Recoloring options allow "you to quickly and easily alter the colour of your subject's hair."

The reviewer described his experience with this photography software as "easy-to-use, high-quality retouching". He commented that brightening and whitening the eyes and teeth of the subject "looked great." After the photo editing software automatically retouches the portrait, "The results can then be manually fine-tuned to taste using a set of intuitive sliders."

The review concluded overall that "Portrait Professional 11 is a great way to speed up your workflow" when editing your portrait photographs.

Digital Photo also gave Portrait Professional 11, 5 Stars for the Features, Interface, and Performance, and said that "PP11 is a fantastic choice" for portrait photographers.

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