One of the most interesting places to shoot portraits and particularly engagement photo shoots is in a city. There are so many different options to try. You can take the couple to the top of a tall building, and photograph the city scene behind them, or on a street with the rest of the world going by. Perhaps the city is the one where they both live now, or perhaps it involves going back to where they first met.

Wherever it is, it should have some special meaning to them both. They will both have some favorite places to visit, and will have fun rediscovering them with you.

When you’ve taken all the images you can, you then have the task of going back through all your photos, and using photography editing software to make them the best you can.

Wherever you take your portraits, Portrait Professional can help you achieve great results. The professional photo editing software can enhance the skin, the eyes, and everything in between. You can smooth skin in a moment, and making the eyes really sparkle will show how much fun the couple were having. There are several different sliders to enhance the eyes, and the ‘Whiten Eyes’ and ‘Brighten Iris’ sliders will make the eyes stand out dramatically.

If you do want to take your portrait editing even further, you could try changing the eye color slightly. All the editing you do is completely up to you. You can produce several different edits of the same image, and then it is up to the couple themselves which versions they prefer.

You have the time to do all of this because Portrait Professional makes it all so easy. The images you take are the ones that will be used for their engagement announcements and Save the Date cards. You can be secure in the knowledge that the images you produce are the best they can be, and you can be proud of your work.

Download the free trial today, and see how you can enhance your next client’s engagement photo shoot.