A child’s lifestyle session is all about portraying the child in their everyday surroundings, using items that are particularly precious to them, and showing them in comfortable clothes. Get them to bring their own appropriate props, musical instruments, sports kit, and books, and with their own items around them they will feel more at ease. When a child is relaxed, they will have fun, and you will be able to capture some great images.

Your portrait editing software can help make sure that the photos you take are perfect every time. It can eliminate any unwanted blemishes and scratches.

It is easy to edit children’s portraits with Portrait Professional, all you have to do is tell the portrait software whether the subject is a boy or a girl, and just as it does for adults, the portrait retouching software will automatically retouch the portrait. For a younger child, you will probably want to turn off the face sculpting controls. This is easily done with the green button, and everything else will be naturally adjusted to suit your younger subject.

You may only want to remove a few blemishes with your photography software. It is possible to start from scratch with your original image, and using only the touch up brush will eliminate just the blemishes you want to remove. You can turn off all of the skin controls, and only the places you target with the touch up brush will be retouched.

If you have previously used Photoshop for this type of portrait retouching, then you can save a lot of time and effort with Portrait Professional. If you still want to make other adjustments to your photographs with Photoshop, then you can use Portrait Professional Studio as a Photoshop plugin.

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