Current popular trends in photography as an art form are the journalistic style, candid shots, and street photography.

To be art, it's not enough to simply take a few quick snaps, but casual photographs can still be composed images. Capturing faces in the crowd, on the street or in the park can really add depth and perspective to your image. There is a skill in being able to look around you and visualize an image that is interesting enough to be worth capturing; and then to possibly compose and take the photo very quickly before the scene changes again. A photographer with an artist's eye visualizes the image how they want it, and sometimes the reality on the screen might not be quite what the photographer had in mind.

Often the artist will want to show the people in their photographs in their best light. Photo editing software can help with this. Red eye can really spoil a high art portrait photograph, and Portrait Professional can completely remove it. The eyes of the person in the picture are often the soul of the image, and with Portrait Professional you can highlight the person's eyes very subtly, sharpening them, whitening the whites of the eye, and brightening the color of the eyes. With individual sliders for all of these, you can edit the image just as much as you want.

It can also remove any unwanted blemishes from the skin, whilst keeping the character of the person intact. A very finely detailed edit is possible through the zoom control which allows very careful editing when very closely zoomed in. The touch up and restore brushes allow the photo editor complete control over the extent of photo retouching.

Now you have even greater control over the editing process than you did before, you can capture even better candid photographs.

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