As a professional you should ensure you have business cards on you at all times. As a photographer, it can be a great way to showcase your work, and carry your portfolio with you easily.

If you are at an event, when you’re busy, you need a quick and easy way to be able to hand out your contact details, whether it is an email address, social media contact or phone number. It looks much more professional if you can pull out your business card holder, and hand over all your details, in one neat card.

It’s easy for the recipient to store it in their wallet, and have it to hand. There are some rules of etiquette with regard to handing out cards, but like everything else, as a general rule, don’t be too bold. It’s an easier way of making connections; when it comes to giving out contact details, it becomes slick, and there are no misspellings and typos.

As a professional photographer, there is an additional advantage; there are many different types and ways of presenting your business card, but one of the useful things you can do, is have one of your own images printed on the card. It puts your own work directly into the hands of your potential clients. Some companies can even use a selection of images in the same set of cards, so you have a choice of artwork to give to your connections.

business card

Your new contacts are the people you most want to put your work in their hands, and you can do it. You can give them a copy of one of your best images. Use some beautiful portrait editing, or some creative, portrait innovations, and show your potential clients your best work.

On your card you should also have your website and blog links, and these are also the perfect place to display your skills in photography, and in photo retouching. Another benefit to carrying professional looking business cards with you at all times, is that you can add a QR code to your cards, and this could be a link that takes your contact straight to your online portfolio. This gives you further opportunities to showcase your photo editing.

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