One of the things you may be concerned about when trying out Portrait Professional photo editing software is the amount of control you have over the skin editing tools and particularly what to do if the software has not improved the skin as much as you would want.

First of all, check that your photo editing software has recognized all the skin. In Portrait Professional, under Skin Smoothing Controls, click View/Edit Skin Area. Then use the Extend and Cut Back tools to adjust what the photography software recognizes as skin.

Customize your portrait retouching tools

If you want more control over which areas the software adjusts, the Touch Up Brush and the Restore Brush are your answers. You can use these 2 brushes together to increase the intensity of the retouching that has been done to the skin, and then restore any unwanted changes. Your photo retouching software can be used to remove any unwanted blemishes and marks on the skin. You can have completely flawless skin, and the tools make it easy to be as accurate as you want.

Take control of your portrait editing

You have complete control over both the size of the brush that you use, and the intensity of what the brush does to your portrait. You will want to be very careful around the outlines of your subject, as you want the skin to get the same treatment that you’ve given the rest of the face, but you don’t want to affect anything outside of the face.

Use the sliders at the top of the screen next to the brushes, and shrink the size of the brush down to a low number, but move the brush strength up as far as you wish. You will get a really accurate tool that will touch up the skin with as much intensity as you have done to the rest of your portrait. If you make any mistakes, the undo button will undo the last changes you made.

You can also amend the guidelines that you adjusted initially and shrink or extend the area that the portrait editing software recognizes as part of the face.

You can now feel free to touch up as much of the skin as you want, as far as you want.

All of the features of the portrait editing software are fully available for you to try out in the trial version. Download it here.