PortraitPro is a great tool for creating personal images and showing off your signature style in portrait editing.

Personalized items are great for birthdays and other events. Adding a photo of the person to their birthday card is a great idea to make it personal. It’s even better to be able to use an image that they’ll be happy with, and to keep the card for the future.

With PortraitPro photo editing software, you can ensure that everyone in an image looks their best. If you want to add an image to a birthday cake, or a wedding cake, or even and anniversary then start with tidying up the image, and making sure that the people look great first.

When you send off your image to be printed by a specialist cake photo printer, make sure that you send them the highest quality image that you can, because there will always be some image deterioration in printing on cake frosting. But you can ensure that you have an image that you are happy with before you send it to be printed.

Secondly, as it is a special occasion, you might want to get really creative with your portrait, and do something unusual with your image, or perhaps combine a number of images into one photo montage image.

Smart Photo Editor has some great tools for creating photo montages, and you can find out how to do it, and other tips for creating artistic images on the Smart Photo Editor blog. Find out how to make this image too. Why not take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page too? Find more inspiration with us on Pinterest. See what you can do with great portrait editing software. Get the free trial today.