Benjamin Franklin said: “Time is Money.”

As a professional photographer, you will always want to save yourself time on portrait editing.

If you are a studio photographer or a wedding and engagement photographer then you will probably take hundreds of photographs. Whilst you will refine your selection initially, you will still have many images that you will want to edit. Of course you want the freedom to take as many photographs as you can. And you don’t want to worry that it is going to take you hours to edit hundreds of images.

Two different editions of photo software with batch processing features to help speed up your workflow.

The new and advanced full batch mode to load and process multiple images all at once is another great time saving feature in PortraitPro Studio Max.

This means you can save a file of photos on your computer, and load them all into PortraitPro 12 Studio Max edition at once. Instead of opening just one image at a time, click on Open Image Batch. You then open the folder with all the images you want to edit. Once you have selected your images, PortraitPro will show you a list of your images, and while it is loading them, the photography software will find the faces in the images, and give you options on where to save the edited images, how PortraitPro should edit Female faces, and how it should edit Male faces.

You can then continue to edit and tweak your images as you might have done previously, but the portrait editing software has already done the hard work for you.

PortraitPro 12 Studio edition still has a basic batch processing dialog, which is very familiar from the previous version; enabling you to load several images at once, process them individually , then easily move on to the next image that you have loaded. Click on File and Open Batch to select your images. In the batch dialog box, you get options on where to save the edited photos and what type of file they should be saved as.

Try out the latest version of Portrait Professional here and see how much time and money you can save.

For full details on all editions, check out our editions page.