This week it's all about kids, and 'Back to School'. It's that time of year when they need new shoes, and new uniform, and why not take a new portrait photo to keep for your scrapbook?

Teenagers may be self-conscious and worry about their teen acne, and other blemishes, but with PortraitPro, you can reassure them that you will get a great image, and you can keep your memories looking perfect. Photo editing software can help make sure you get a beautiful image, every time.

If you are a studio photographer, PortraitPro will really help you bring out the best in your new high school seniors' portraits. Don't forget to tell them that with your great photo editing software, they will get a really natural look, but completely blemish free.

You will have loads more time to take bookings with your high school seniors, because PortraitPro Studio Max 12 has a great, new batch mode, which means that it automatically finds and edits your faces, making it much quicker to do your post – processing.

You can send them their processed images much quicker, so that they will have your fantastic images in their hands and on their social media sooner than ever before, and they can pass on to their friends how great it was to have their senior portraits taken with you.

For Moms who just want that great photo for the scrapbook, PortraitPro 12 is so simple to use that even the busiest Mom has time to do a little photo editing. You can make sure that all your family is happy and confident that the images you use in the family scrapbook will be as great as they remember; and your teens will thank you in 10 years' time, for the chance to forget the blemishes.

Try it out now, and see what PortraitPro can do for your teens this new school year. Class of 2015 seniors will love to see how PortraitPro can transform their yearbook photos.

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