Automatic face detection will save you hours of time in your portrait editing. When you run your own business, every minute is precious, and every minute you need to spend on editing is time that you can’t be working on doing what you love.

Portrait Professional is so accurate in finding the face in your photos, that you can usually accept the photography software’s automatic mark up, and move right on to the next image. If you feel it is necessary, you can edit the detected skin area with the View/Edit Skin Area button. Use the brush to extend or cut back the area, and use the zoom controls to zoom right in to be really accurate.

You can either accept the portrait editing software’s own presets, or you can use them as a starting point, and refine the adjustments to suit your own taste. When you have found settings that work for you, you can save the sliders into your own preset. This saves you more time the next time, as you will be able to select your own preset, and have the photography editing software carry out the adjustments exactly as you want.

Better image quality is always going to mean better pictures, but even in low resolution images, the portrait editing software easily detects faces. This is great news for all those photos you took years ago with your very first digital camera. It doesn’t matter that the image quality is not as good as it would be now. You can enjoy going back through your old files and carrying out some portrait retouching on your favorites. It could be a great project for a rainy weekend with the family.

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