It's a controversial topic, but how far should you go when photo editing? How much retouching can you do and still remain true to the person's likeness, and do you want to change it?

Portrait Professional gives you complete control over how much or how little you do to an image. You can choose to enhance the skin only, or you can go for a much more dramatically enhanced look. It is entirely up to you what look you want to go for.

Maybe you've always wanted to get the celebrity treatment, well now you can, with Portrait Professional's training in human beauty, you can see how you would look after a professional photo shoot with photo retouching. You can do this yourself and you can alter as much as you want to or as much as you feel comfortable with doing.

Should you go to the extreme of editing your facial features? The photography software can alter the shape of your face if you want it to. If you've always wanted to see what you would look like with a smaller nose or forehead, then now you can. With portrait editing software you can alter the appearance of your skin, even change the colour of your eyes and make them appear more dazzling.

It is up to you how much you alter your features, if at all. The software allows you to alter many things, but if you don't feel comfortable with altering your facial features, then you don't have to.

If you try altering something and you don't like the results then you can always undo the change.

You can quickly and easily use photo retouching software on all your images if you wish.

Should you edit your images before you upload them to Facebook? What version of you do you want the world to see? The world seen through a Facebook lense does always seem to look shiny and bright, as people always strive to show their best pictures, their most exciting trips and holidays and important life events. Why shouldn't you also use portrait retouching software and make your images just that little bit better? It's the new and improved you.