If you’re celebrating the festival of lights this month, then you may not want to use your flash, and capture some images without adding extra lighting to the scene.

PortraitPro can relight your images after the event, so that you still get the benefit of the extra light without interrupting the events.

If you’re photographing scenes indoors in low light, you still want to get the best out of your images, but you might not have much light available. Diwali is supposed to take place on the darkest night of the year, so if you’re photographing scenes indoors with candles, it’s very difficult to get a good shot.

But there are a number of things that you can do to improve your image, both before and after taking the shot.

Increase your ISO.

In traditional photography this was much more complicated, and you had to change the roll of film, but now it’s just a case of altering the settings on your camera, and you can adjust it with every shot.

Use a wide aperture

Using a wide aperture allows more light into the sensor, so you get more light in your images, without having to use flashes or other lights.

Shoot in RAW format.

If you’ve already taken your images in low light, in PortraitPro, it is possible to relight your pictures, so that they show up more detail and look better. Shooting in RAW format is better for image editing in post processing. PortraitPro Studio and Studio Max editions can use RAW format images for portrait editing.

If you can’t be with your loved ones this Diwali, and you know they love their portrait photography, then PortraitPro 12 makes a great gift to send anywhere in the world. Get a gift certificate and a license token to email to your friends and family.

And if they already have PortraitPro, then don’t forget to check out Smart Photo Editor too.

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