Anyone and everyone can carry out a 365 photo challenge. We’ve all got a camera, even if it’s just a smart phone.

It’s a great way to challenge yourself and your creativity. There are many different ways to do a 365 challenge. Perhaps you might decide to do a ‘portraits only’ challenge, but why not add a different element, and do an ‘edited with photography software’ challenge? You can edit your portrait photographs with portrait editing software portrait professional, and for all your other photographs, you can use photo editing software, Smart Photo Editor.

Editing your photographs on a daily basis is a good habit to get into anyway. If you leave it for a while, you’ll have hundreds of images to edit, and you’ll lose the motivation to sit down and do your photo editing. Use the opportunity to be focused, and create some good habits.

After your photo editing project

When you finish your project, you could have a book printed with all of your images, or just choose your best ones. You will have something wonderful to look back on, you will feel that you have achieved something substantial, and you will see how your skills as a photographer have progressed.

It doesn’t have to be that perfect image; it’s the one that means the most, or the only one you took today. But if you take just one photo every day, you will learn a lot about photography. Look back at your images regularly, and think about what you might prefer to do differently next time. Tomorrow is another day.

Photography software can help you get the best from your images. Try out portrait editing software PortraitPro for free and Anthropics’ Smart Photo Editor here.

Finally, make a commitment to your project. Why not start a blog, or post it to your existing blog. Share your images with your social media friends, and share them with us on our Facebook page.